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It's time to do something about Your water.

While helping your community better manage the most precious resource on earth.

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Tern Services Include

Property Plumbing Inspection
Property Plumbing Inspection

Identifying what could be done to most efficiently improve your water experience. 

high water bills
Water Health and Cost Analysis

Reporting how you could save on your bills, prevent leaks, and improve on your water. 

Ongoing Water Maintenance
Ongoing Water Maintenance

Helping ensure you can always have high quality water at a reasonable cost, and avoiding any surprises. 

Avoid High Water Bills

Water costs are increasing 6%-10% per year

Toilet, faucet and shower leaks don't help. 

Water quality and plumbing infrastructure are deteriorating, Leading to higher costs.

Prevent expensive damages caused by leaks

Leaks cause the biggest spike in water bills. 

The most common leak is a running toilet and wastes up
to 4,000 gallons/mo. and costs $150/mo. per apartment.


A small drip can result in thousands of dollars in

Many leaks can be avoided if we knew where and why they were occurring.

Corrosive water can decay pipes.

Tern GiveBack Program

Every sale Tern does, Helps a child get Healthy water through our School Partnership Program.

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